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Wooden Base Candle Holder Set (3 Pieces).


Bring charm to your festival decorations with this beautiful hand painted candle holder / Tealight Holder set. This unique item is perfect way to show your love of art and celebrate the festival with message of happiness. This is perfect item for house warming gift, festival gift or your home decor.


The candle holder set is made of 3 pieces. Each piece base is made from 4x4 cedar wood, sanded and hand painted on all 4 sides. Votive glass candle holder is inserted in wood carving at top. Golden plate is added to hold tealight and is removable.


Note : Tealights are not included with candleholders. 


Candle holder wood base is coverd with varish to seal and protect the art and paint.


Each piece measure 4"W x 4"L but varies in height ( Tall 7.5", Medium 5", Small 3").


Psane Creations is collection of handmade items created just for your satisfaction. I make sure my items are unique, thoughtful and of great quality.  Take a look at color options that match your house decor or your likes.






Candle Holder / Tealight Holder (3 Piece Set)

  • Clearning Instructions

    Recommended to use damp cloth for cleaning. Water wash may damage the artwork and Paint.