Quite a few times, I get a question, how long you are practicing the art, and I say, since childhood!... not really, like any other kids, painting was a fun activity and i use to enjoy the paintings and drawing during school days. I did many paintings but all that skill is lost when I grew up and lost in myself in managing my family responsibilities, performing mom duties and focussed on job. I moved from Mumbai-India to United States but my life just took new turn in family responsibilties. 

Days passed and then one day, I decided to myself, I need to find time for myself and I need to focus on things that I enjoy the most. I got the canvas, took the brush and reinvented my skills after a gap of 25 years. When I did my first painting, I decided, this is what makes me happy and I will keep going.  The artist in my soul was born there.

As I continued practicing my art, I turned to my memories from school days and refreshed my techniques with Warli art, the distinctive art that fascinated me and give me feeling like mediation while practicing the art. I started participating in local craft shows and customer appreciation kept me doing more and more that refined my skills and provided me energy to think about new ideas and put my creativity and passion at work.

Year 2022, marked an important milestone in my art jouney as I won "Award of Distinction" at Rockville, MD art show in May 2022, then "Best of Show" award at Three River Art Festival, Pittsuburgh in June 2022 and "Award of Distinction" at Syracuse Festival of Arts and Craft in Jul 2022.