Passion & Inspiration @Work

Growing up in India’s rich heritage and culture Pratibha is influenced by beautiful traditional folk art. Warli Art speaks to us the significance of man’s relationship with nature and his community.Pratibha, the warli artist sees herself as the medium of transmitting this folklore to those who are not acquainted with the written word.Pratibha isn’t simply drawing paintings, she is putting in legitimate effort to keep the authenticity of the tribal art. Her paintings are the mode of expression of the tribe and a medium to pass down tribal culture and history across generations. They show the harmony between human and nature and brings visual representation of lifestyle of Warli community. The most important aspect of the Warli Paintings is that they do not depict mythological stories, characters or images of deities, but illustrate social life.This art form is traditionally created on the walls of the house, but modern artists use canvas to bring this art into our lives. Pratibha has taken this beautiful art form one level up by also painting on candle holders, wine bottles, etc., that help make this art a part of our everyday lives. She uses lots of colors and bright backgrounds to narrate the story in her paintings. Her skills create intricate yet one-of-a-kind pieces every time she holds the brush. Pratibha hopes hers paintings will help people to find joy in simple lifestyle within our modern life’s demands.She has recently started to showcase her art, and she loves the joy of sharing the creations with others.

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